We here at Cameron Jones Computer Services pride ourselves on being quite different from what you expect from "computer nerds." We're not nerds, we're not dorks, or geeks. We do have a passion for computers and generally all things technology, but the difference between nerds and us is that well, frankly, we're normal people! As in, when you ask a question about your computer, you will UNDERSTAND the answer we give. If you want to do something that's tricky and you want written instructions for the future, they won't contain steps like "Now install the program" - that kind of "step" is probably 10 steps, and when we make instructions, they contain ALL those steps.

On the flip side of the coin, we also understand your kids and all the crazy and sometimes dangerous things they try to do on the internet. We did them too! We can relate to your kids and you at the same time, helping to bridge that gap and create family harmony! All for MUCH less than a therapist would charge.

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