I founded this company a few years after working for another local computer support company to help with Y2K related needs. At that company I billed my time with a two hour minimum, and each hour was counted as a whole chunk, whether I was there for 5 minutes or 55. In my mind, this was hugely unfair to the consumer, so when I set my billing policies, I tried to make them as fair as possible. If you compare my policies to those of other local and national companies, you will find that nobody beats mine for fairness.
  • $120 per hour
  • No minimum charges. You are not paying for two hours the second I walk through the door.
  • Hours are not billed in whole, but are billed in 15 minute increments. If I work for 1:15, you pay for 1:15, not 2:00.
  • Travel time. Yes, I do charge for travel time. If I didn't, then I could find myself driving 45 minutes each way to work for 30 minutes. I do my best to keep travel charges reasonable, and I do not charge for more than 20 minutes of travel, regardless of actual drive time.

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